Criteria for potential partners

Relon Uganda  relies on a broad range of partners — communities, local and international NGOs, corporations, foundations, institutional donors, and public funders — to shape and support our programmes. In addition to country operations, Relon Uganda undertakes Global Programmes which are managed by Africa Refugee Led-Network. They are designed to support field operations and ensure the effectiveness of our interventions.

Benefits of partnering with RELON

Partnering with us offers you the opportunity to:

Create impact

Co-develop programmes in line with your organisational priorities and values that support forcibly displaced people globally.

Employees engagement

Offer opportunities for your employees to share their expertise by supporting RELON offices either through fundraising , advocacy initiatives, or pro-bono consulting hours.

Access Data

RELON has rich data and insights from over 135 accross Uganda . By becoming a partner you can access this data and help us build the evidence needed to improve practice at a national level.

Engage with like minds

Expand your profile through the many formal and informal opportunities the RELON Uganda network offers to convene leading experts and specialists in the field of forced migration.

Each partnership with Relon Uganda is unique and built around shared priorities that contribute towards our goal of supporting refugees and IDPs in uganda and determine their own future.

Are you interested in a partnership with us?

Let us know how we could partner for good!

Please share your ideas with us, we’re always eager to hear how we could collaborate to support refugees through RELON Uganda or through the Africa Refugee Led-Network.