RELON implemented projects since 2021

Hilton Foundation Project: STRAC of RLOs (2022-2024):

The STRAC of RLOs project, funded by the Hilton Foundation draws its focus on advocacy for the rights of refugees in Uganda and capacity building for Refugee-led Organizations (RLOs). The object aims at strengthening the capacity of RLOs to effectively engage in advocacy efforts. This include providing training and resources on topics such as human rights, refugee protection, policy analysis, media engagement, and networking. The goal is to enhance the skills, knowledge, and organizational capacity of RLOs to advocate for the rights of refugees and drive positive change in their communities. The project supports and empowers RLOs, which are organizations led by refugees themselves, to advocate for the rights and well-being of refugees in Uganda.

Geared for Success Project (2023-2027):

This project is scheduled to run from 2023 to 2027. The project aimed to empower Refugee-led Organizations (RLOs) through advocacy and capacity-building efforts, with a particular focus on the West Nile region. The Geared for Success Project is meant to enhance the capabilities of RLOs in the West Nile region by providing them with resources, training, and support to effectively engage in advocacy work. This have included activities such as:

Advocacy Training

The project offering training sessions and workshops to RLO members, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to advocate
for the rights and well-being of refugees in the region. This involved training on advocacy strategies, policy analysis, communication techniques, and engagement with stakeholders.

Capacity Building

The project focuses on strengthening the overall capacity of RLOs by providing support in areas such as organizational development, leadership training, project management, and resource mobilization. By enhancing the organizational capacity of RLOs, the project aims to empower them to carry out their advocacy efforts more effectively and sustainably.

Networking and Collaboration

The Geared for Success Project facilitates
networking opportunities and encourages collaboration among RLOs in the West
Nile region. By fostering connections and partnerships, the project aimed to create a supportive and collaborative environment for RLOs to share experiences,
exchange best practices, and collectively advocate for the rights of refugees.

BRACC Project (2023, 6 months):

The BRACC Project was implemented in 2023 and lasted for six months. The Project aimed at empowering Refugee-led Organizations (RLOs) to carry out grassroots advocacy interventions. The project involved subgranting the RLOs, enabling them to implement their respective advocacy initiatives successfully. By sub-granting the RLOs, the BRAC Project provided financial resources and support to empower these organizations to lead and execute their advocacy activities at the grassroots level. This approach recognizes the importance of local ownership and expertise in advocating for the rights and needs of refugees. Through the project, the six RLOs had the opportunity to develop and implement their own advocacy strategies tailored to the specific contexts and challenges faced by refugees in Nakivale in Southwestern Uganda and in Imvepi and other settlements in the West Nile region. This empowerment was meant to allow the RLOs to drive change and address issues that directly impact their communities.

Covid-19 Media Campaign:

In West Nile refugee settlements (Rhino camps and Imvepi): This project involved implementing a media campaign to raise awareness about COVID-19 in the West Nile refugee settlements, specifically in Rhino camps and Imvepi. The campaign aim was to provide information about preventive measures, promote hygiene practices, and encourage adherence to COVID-19 guidelines.

Rebuild Project (2021 to 2022):

This project was implemented from 2021 to 2022. The Rebuild Project focused on improving the livelihood activities of refugees. It involved providing training in various skills, including catering, fashion design, driving and other income-generating activities.