We are a refugee led organisation network of Uganda that aims to strengthen the capacity of refugees to engage and respond to the challenges facing refugees and refugee led organizations.

    The network was started by four organizations namely Young African
    Refugees for Integral Development (YARID), Hope of Children and Women Victims of
    Violence (HOCW), Hope of Refugee in Action (HRA) and Coburwas International Youth
    Organization to Transform Africa (CIYOTA). Read More


    Governance Development

    Promote effective governance and Secretariat and administrative structures of the network


    Facilitate communication among RLOs in networking and Uganda by platforms for communication and information sharing.

    Enhance Visibility

    Support participation of RELON at global Enhance forum; Regional and national forums

    Promote Fundraising

    Increase visibility and branding by partnering with donors to source support for the work of RELON Uganda

    Policy Advocay

    To increase participation and inclusion of RLOs and to contribute to policy
    making and implementation


    Conduct mapping of RLOs in the country
    including their programmes and also undertake annual survey

    We Need your Help

    For our to archive the targets set in our strategic plan (2021-2024), we are calling for supprot from our funding partners both old and new to support us  fund this great cause. 

    Recent Projects

    Below are some of our pictures from our current projects